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CMON Bloodborne: The Hunter's Nightmare

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The Chalice Dungeon is full of all manner of horrible monsters. With each descent, the Hunters must be wary. A new danger lurks around every corner. These cursed creatures continue to punish those they kill, even after resurrection. Smart Hunters arm themselves accordingly, including using powerful Runes to aid them in their quest. Bloodborne: The Card Game - The Hunter’s Nightmare expansion offers players new challenges and more powerful ways to combat them. Inside, they will find menacing foes to fight, from simple monsters to horrifying Final Bosses. This expansion offers more than just monsters. The Hunters will find powerful new weapons to help them in their journey. They will also have access to Runes, powerful enchantments that will bolster a Hunter and change how they play. Finally, death is even more punishing with Death Tokens, which can hamper Hunters as they try and gain Trophies. *This is an expansion. Bloodborne: The Card Game is required to play.

  • New Monsters - This expansion adds eight new Final Bosses, and a total of 25 other Bosses and Chalice Dungeon cards.
  • New Gear - New Hunter cards and powerful Runes will help Hunters as they explore the Chalice Dungeon.
  • Death Tokens - Death has a lasting effect with the new Death Tokens limiting Hunters’ Trophies.