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CMON Arcadia Quest: Rosh & Mamba

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Due to her reptilian nature, Mamba lived a solitary existence for most of her life. She’s tried to make friends, but the people of Arcadia have a deep seeded fear of snakes. That is until they started being attacked. Now even snake-like beings are welcome in battle, even if she does still make some people nervous. Rosh was once a brilliant alchemist, but after losing his arm, he combined his blood with a lizard. The experiment was a success. . . to a degree. His arm was regrown, but it turned Rosh into a reptile. His regenerating powers make him a useful ally to the Heroes. Both Heroes can be used with any Arcadia Quest product. REQUIRES THE ARCADIA QUEST OR ARCADIA QUEST: INFERNO CORE GAME TO PLAY.

  • New Hero Figures! - Mamba and Rosh introduced in this expansion.
  • Regeneration Powers - Rosh's regenerating powers will make him a useful ally to any Heroes!
  • Requires the Arcadia Quest: Core Game or Arcadia Quest: Inferno Core Game to play.