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CMON Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 2

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A good pet can brighten your day and make you feel on top of the world. They are like kids, friends and constant companions. The Arcadia Quest: Pets Pack 2 adds three new animal companions that will make any player’s campaigns wilder and more fun. Wilhelm the goat, Joey the kangaroo, and Dawn the phoenix takes any campaign’s cute-factor to the next level. Wilhelm startles enemies with his loud pitched scream, causing them to lose the ability to roll defense dice until they rest. Joey helps Heroes by carrying their gear for them. He can’t use them himself, but at a moment’s notice players can use Attack cards that he’s holding. Dawn has risen from the dead so often it’s old hat for her. When a Hero dies close to Dawn, she can be exhausted to immediately bring that player back to life. Players will have to wonder how they even got by without these pets in their life. REQUIRES THE ARCADIA QUEST OR ARCADIA QUEST: INFERNO CORE GAME TO PLAY.

  • Aww! - Let these new pets bring the cute factor to your game with their adorable appearances and helpful skills.
  • Abilities - Whether it be sartling enemies, carrying gear, or bring players back from the brink of death; these pets are more than just cute critters.
  • Requires the Arcadia Quest: Core Game or Arcadia Quest: Inferno Core Game to play.