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CMON Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 1

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A good pet can brighten your day and make you feel on top of the world. They are like kids, friends and constant companions. With the Arcadia Quest: Pets Pack 1, players get the chance to add three new cuddly critters to their Guilds. Jamon the boar, Cookie the fluffy kitty, and Neville the toad will up the “Awww” factor in any campaign. Jamon really knows how to use his head knocking opponents out of the path to adjacent spaces. Cookie is so cute and fluffy that enemy Heroes need to stop and pet her, spending an additional movement to leave her space. Neville can use his long sticky tongue to snag exploration tokens from distracted opponents close by. These new critters are as sweet as they are helpful! REQUIRES THE ARCADIA QUEST OR ARCADIA QUEST: INFERNO CORE GAME TO PLAY.

  • Aww! - Let these new pets bring the cute factor to your game with their adorable appearances and helpful skills.
  • Abilities - Whether it be knocking enemies out their path, distracting them or snagging exploration tokens these pets are more than just cute critters.
  • Requires the Arcadia Quest: Core Game or Arcadia Quest: Inferno Core Game to play.