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Asmodee Strategy Game - Mr Jack

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In the course of the investigation against Jack the Ripper, Francis J. Tumblety, a high-lift truck who dispenses himself as a doctor, is then set free for chew. He escapes to the United States, New York, Manhattan. Understanding by British colleagues, the New York police is looking for Tumblety. Witnesses want to have seen him in Manhattan and crimes are compromised that carry all his handwriting. The police then ask the most famous people in the city to help you. Mr. Jack in New York is a completely independent game that can be played even if you don't know or own the previous editions.

From the Manufacturer

This time he won't get away. Discover the pocket version of Mr. Jack the favorite investigation game of strategy game players. As in the board version a player takes on the role of the inspector trying to unmask Jack the Ripper while the other player takes on the role of the fleeing criminal. The difference is in the game mechanics the infernal pursuit now takes place on a board that's 3 squares to a side each square representing both a London street and one of the nine suspects. around the board are placed a Holmes a Watson and a police dog token. On each turn the first player (the inspector or Jack in turn) uses 4 action tokens which allow to move the investigator tokens to reorient the tiles or to draw a ''suspect card''. A suspect is visible only if the investigator can see that suspect in the streets in front of him. Suspects hidden by buildings are invisible. At the end of each turn the player in the role of Jack must say if the guilty character is visible or not. If that character isn't visible Jack earns an hourglass. If the Jack player can earn 6 hourglasses that player wins the game (knowing that hourglasses are earned by remaining invisible and by drawing ''suspect'' cards). The inspector wins if there's only a single suspect left at the end of a turn.

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