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Arkham Horror Dice

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Prepare yourself for a new weapon in the ongoing fight to keep the streets of arkham safe. each arkham horror dice set contains five high-quality, crafted, polyhedral dice for use in arkham horror. These attractive dice are cast from hand-carved original sculpts and feature ornately detailed faces. The standard black dice display elder signs (to indicate successes) on the "5" and "6" sides, while the blue blessed dice show them on the “4”, “5”, and “6” and the red cursed dice limits success to only the “6”.

  • An accessory for arkham horror, one of FFG's all-time most popular board games
  • Each set contains five dice, plenty for convenience during play
  • Crafted of high-quality plastic with ornately detailed faces
  • Cast from hand-carved original sculpts
  • Different colors available for use per the game's blessed and cursed mechanics, which alter the probability of success