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Arcknight Flat Plastic Miniatures: Wildlands Horde

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Wildlands Horde is a 31-piece expansion of unique monsters based on themes brought up by the Wildlands pack (goblins, wild creatures, exotic demi-humans) but directly inspired by the Tomb of Annihilation hardbound by WotC. It is fully useful on it's own, and filled with Aarakocra, Apes, Cyclops, Dinosaurs, Firenewts, Albino Dwarves, Pygmy Goblins (Batiri), Rats, Snakes, Snakepeople, and others. Comes with 8 round bases. Flat Plastic Miniatures are printed on sturdy transparent plastic, with unique front and back art to indicate unit facing. Pieces pop easily in and out of bases. Packs flat for storage and travel.

  • Flat Plastic Miniature gaming tokens for DnD and other RPGs
  • 31 Themed pieces
  • Full color front and back art
  • Pieces pop easily in and out of bases (8x 1" bases included)
  • Packs flat for storage and travel