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Arcane Wonders Viral Board Game Board Game

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You have just infected a patient. Your objective is to mutate and take over the host's organs. Choose your strategy carefully, though, because other players' viruses are sure to get in your way! If too many viruses are present in an organ, a CRISIS occurs and the IMMUNE SYSTEM will surely wipe out your infection! VIRAL is a 2-5 players competitive board game in which each player controls a virus that is growing inside of a human body. Players will be placing tokens on the board and move them around to gain control of zones and organs to score points. Players Score points when they cause a crisis in an organ and thus activating the anti-virus (the immune system). The player with the most points when the event deck runs out is the winner of the game VIRAL!.

  • 2 to 5 players take the role of viruses competing for control of organs in a human body!
  • Use mutation cards to change the behavior of your viruses and develop your strategy
  • Hilarious event cards that trigger each round add twists and surprises
  • Players simultaneously plan their moves and resolve actions, keeping players constantly involved throughout the game