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Arcadia Quest: Riders

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The fields and plains around the city of Arcadia were once home to huge, majestic beasts. But as the land has become more arid, the beasts have been on the move – right to the center of town! And they’re not alone, there’s Malkhor, a hunter of legend, tracking them. How will the Guilds in the city manage this new problem? Arcadia Quest: Riders gives players the opportunity to harness the massive beasts infesting the city. Players can tame new Mounts and ride them into battle. Each Mount has its own special abilities it can take advantage of as they adventure, plus there’s special Mount-only gear to further prepare them for combat. They‚Äôll need all the help they can get, because this set also includes a branching six-quest campaign that’s compatible with either Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno core boxes.

  • Huge Mounts - Arcadia Quest: Riders includes six Mount figures big enough for Heroes to climb aboard and ride around the battlefield.
  • New Heroes and Villains - Two new Heroes are available to be recruited to players‚ and Guilds. There‚is also Malkhor and his Jackals hunting down the Mounts for a more nefarious purpose.
  • New Campaign - Players have to battle through six missions, fighting against one-another and the hunter Malkhor. This set is compatible with both Arcadia Quest core boxes and has special missions to incorporate other Arcadia Quest expansions.