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AMIGO None of a Kind Brainteaser, Party & Family Game

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Wait—it says "blue," but it's printed in red. What's going on? This multi-player brainteaster game is designed to befuddle, and strenghten your brain. Everyone plays at once as you race to match up cards that don't match—it sounds easy, but it's surprisingly challenging. None of a Kind is based on The Stroop Test, one of the most-cited papers in experimental psychology. It studies the relationship between the brain’s processing speed and executive functions, focusing on regions of the brain involved in planning, decision-making, and managing real-world interference, such as multi-tasking. In other words, playing None of a Kind improves your brain’s processing speed!

  • AGES 7+ | 2-6 PLAYERS
  • A NEW KIND OF “MATCHING” GAME: Challenge your brain to create a pattern that DOESN’T match!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players race to build a row where adjacent cards share no matching attributes – color of the word, color of the ink, & number of words on the card. It may sound easy, but it's surprisingly challenging.
  • HELPS IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN’S PROCESSING SPEED: Ever heard of the “Stroop Test”? None of a Kind is based on this famous psychology experiment that has been proven to help the brain work faster–it helps with skills like multi-tasking and executive functioning.
  • INCLUDES: 80 Linen-finish Color Cards, 30 Linen-finish Point Cards, Illustrated Instructions