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AMIGO Dealt! Strategy Card Game (20013)

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In DEALT!, you’ll have to think in different ways than in other card games, because you can only play cards that touch each other . . . but you can’t rearrange your hand. So, play cards that push your remaining cards together in just the right ways, and add cards in just the right spots. But the object is to shed all of your cards, so beware—your opponents may be conspiring to give you more. Dealt! is the English-language version of the highly-rated German game Krass Kariert.

  • AGES 10+ | 3-5 PLAYERS
  • UNIQUE GAMEPLAY:  Players must play cards in the order they are dealt, but opportunities arise to remove or add cards to change the hand
  • AN INTERNATIONAL FAVORITE:  The English-language version of the highly-rated German game “Krass Kariert”
  • HOW TO PLAY:  Players are dealt a hand of cards and must play only cards that touch without rearranging their deck.  On each round players, play “tricks” – similar to a poker hierarchy – in attempts to get rid of all their cards. Players can take from anywhere in their hand to play a trick and push other cards together for the next round.
  • INCLUDES:  54 Linen-finish Cards, 15 Scoring Chips, and English Instructions