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Adventuria: Ship of Stone

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Forest without return & ship of lost souls collection box

Travia 28 Hal. Fleeing from the armies of the Borbaradian, the heroes cross the Trollzzacken and finally land in the mysterious Shadow Forest. There they are to track down a missing troll and return it to its clan. In the middle of the forest, they encounter a fog-covered moated castle, behind which the silhouette of a large ship appears. Or is it the other way around? The heroes face an adventurous battle against the illusionary horrors of the magician Zargor Nagachot.

An adventurous journey
The Stone Ship is a collection box for Aventuria - The Adventure Card Game. It contains all adventures and related game materials from the two Aventuria expansion boxes "Forest without Return" and "Ship of Lost Souls". It also includes the brand new expert adventure "The Stone Ship", which picks up elements from the two expansion boxes.
In addition, this box contains the Thorwal warrior Tjalva Garheltdottir and the Peraine consecrated Hilbert from Auen, as well as all the game materials needed to play these two heroes in both Duel and Adventure modes.

—description from the publisher (translated)