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Style:The Volcanic Island

In this cooperative game, you take on the role of four students traveling together on a remote and mysterious island. You are looking into some strange events that have been happening — incidents that the police believe are natural occurrences, things to be expected on a volcanic island such as this. But is everything really as normal as it seems? Or is there something else behind what is happening at the volcano? How the story ends is entirely up to you.

  • This thrilling adventure starts when you and your schoolmates visit a mysterious remote island
  • Although seemingly normal at first, you and your schoolmates have to figure out what is really happening on this island
  • Explore places, combine items, find clues, and talk to people to grasp the plot and devise a plan
  • With each new action, the story unfolds, similar to a PC adventure game
  • Enough story content to play multiple times with different endings each time, approximately 5 hours of playtime