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Action Phase Games Mage Wars Academy Warlord Expansion

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Aspiring young mages from all the nations of Etheria flock to Sistarra, the Grand Academy of Magic. Students are trained in the ancient secrets of magic, and choose which path they will follow. Those who hope to gradate must hone their knowledge and skills, and compete in combat to prove their worth. Mage Wars Academy is a fast-paced strategy card game of magical combat! In this expansion set, play as a strategic warlord competing to prove that efficient tactics are superior to raw power! Game play is quick and exciting, with tough tactical decisions and devious surprises every round! Players can customize their spellbook, with exciting spells from this and other Mage Wars Academy products.

  • Mage expansion for mage Wars Academy - core game required to play.
  • 72 spell cards, game markers, and rules included
  • Invest once and play forever - all cards are compatible with Mage Wars Academy and Mage Wars Arena
  • Equip your battle armor, summon hordes of soldiers, and use tactical formations to out maneuver your opponent!