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A Feast For Odin: Mini Expansion #1

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Push even farther into the unknown with the rst mini-expansion for the critically acclaimed A Feast for Odin! With two new exploration boards that take you to far- ung locales, you can unlock more options than ever before. Send your Vikings to the archipelago of Lofoten, the Orkney Islands, or as far south as Tierra del Fuego and discover the possibilities that await you there. Each of these boards gives you the opportunity to score more points, generate additional income, and obtain new bonuses if you can ll them with the goods you have plundered. These lands offer a bountiful treasure to anyone brave enough to discover them. Boldly set sail and continue your saga!.

  • The first mini-expansion for the hit a feast for odin
  • Features two new exploration boards, giving you more options than ever before
  • Travel to the Lofoten archipelago, the Orkney islands, or even as far south as Tierra del Fuego