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7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon Expansion

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Add a divine element to your games of 7 Wonders duel with the pantheon expansion! pantheon enables you to recruit deities from five different ancient Mediterranean cultures to become patrons of your developing city. Each God or goddess offers a powerful blessing such as fabulous wealth, military fortitude, or the means to thwart your opponents plans. GRAND Temple cards make the game's final age intensely competitive by offering unprecedented points to you if you devote your city to divine concerns, and two new Wonders offer pathways towards victory by courting the favor of the gods.

  • "A must-have expansion for the award-winning card game 7 wonders duel "
  • "Enables players to recruit patron gods and goddesses for their cities "
  • "Introduces grand temples which transform gameplay in age III "
  • "Draws upon ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Phoenician and Babylonian religions "
  • Features two new wonders